Friday, 2 August 2013

The Charming Hero Blog Hop - Meet Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome

Well, everyone loves a hero. And personally, I like 'em charming. Admittedly, I think it's the charm that really ropes in my heart. You get your Average-Joes every now and then in romance and yet, these men still make your heart race and your head spin as they fight for a heroines.

Now admitted, my Jack isn't only a silver-tongued devil, but easy on the eyes too. But either way, today, I'm focusing on his legendary Irish charm and hope I might be able to give those who haven't met him already, a little taste of Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome.

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Now, to meet my Irish devil.

- What your hero’s name and where does he come from?
Jack O'Reilly. Also known as 'Irish', 'Oh God' and 'Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome'. Jack lives in Killarney, Ireland.

- What’s your charming hero’s profession?
Jack is a horse breeder. Him and his brother breed some of Ireland's finest thoroughbreds.

- Now, there’s a lot about our heroes that sets all women in a flutter. What’s your hero’s greatest weapon when it comes to seduction?
Personally, I think it's his Irish charm. Jack simply has a way with women. A charismatic eloquence that can even get past a shrews iron fa├žade.

 - If your hero resembled one or more celebrities, who would they be?
Hmm, I'm going to say a cross between Colin Farrell and Ryan Gosling (who is our eye-candy on the blog hop banner hehe).

- Apart from being incredible charming, how would you describe your hero’s personality?
Jack dedicated. He's family orientated. Over-all laid back. And when he is met with a challenge, he meets it head on. Or in the case of the challenge of winning Kate's heart, shirtless hehe.

 - Does your hero have a favourite saying or motto?
Hmm, if Jack had one, it would definitely be: "It's better to be a fool in love, than a fool who let a woman go."
 - Post a scene of ten lines or less that captures your hero using his charm to win over both our readers and heroine.


Apparently not as perplexed by Kate’s confession as she was, Jack grinned, the expression reaching his eyes. Kate’s stomach did a backflip and her shame vanished.

There was no mortal competition for his rakish grins.

“You have a talent, you know, Jack.”

“And what talent is that?” he asked, his arms loosening around her. Reaching up, he brushed her unruly hair out of her face.

“Robbing me of my breath.”

Jack shrugged. “Well, I did notice that ye do not breathe very much when I kiss ye.”

She laughed. “I can’t deny it.”

“Oh, ye can,” he corrected. “But yer eyes can’t.”


So there you have it! My charming Irishman. :) I hope you've enjoyed meeting Jack and I do recommend you check out his romance buddies on the blog hop.
And on another note, if you're eager to learn more about Jack O'Reilly, What Happens in Ireland is on sale this weekend for $3.99. Lets see if you can resist the charms of an Irishman :) Just click on the picture below!


  1. oooh i so wish i could buy the book but unfornatly i will have to wait till i find work in order to get it

    1. I do giveaways every now and then Laurie! So keep your eye on my blog of facebook :) I have my fingers crossed for you. :)

  2. Jack sounds super yummy. Thanks for sharing him!

    1. You're welcome Dianne! Thanks for stopping by. :)