Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Rural Five!

Five lines from page 66 of my novel 'What Happens In Ireland'. Enjoy! I won't explain what is happening. I'll leave that up to you to decide or to dream up. :)

The second she’d stepped out a torrent of rain had descended. The heavy drops sent her racing back in and straight to her bedroom. She’d been soaked to the bone.
Just my luck.
Heaving the shirt that clung to her skin over her head, she froze at the sound of knuckles rapping on wood.

Happy reading,


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Time To Fly!

Well, at present I am sitting down to a much needed cuppa. I've been running around the last week with a lot on my plate. And have had no time to write! But finally, its Bon Voyage to the real world and Hello! to the wonderful world of being a writer.

I'll be pitching for the first time this weekend (fingercrossed I bring home some good news) and I will finally get to meet all the wonderful friends I've met over the last year.

I tell you what, packing your bags is not as easy as it sounds.Trying fitting the entire Desperate Duchesses series alongside Rachael Treasure's Stockman, four pairs of heels, boots and yes, I've decided to throw in some clothes as well. :) Yes, I know it seems impossible. And when you're only taking carry-on, it is. Sadly, only two books in my bag.

Anywho! For those who are going, can't wait to see you! For those who aren't, I wish you were going. And for those going to Claytons, have a ball!


Friday, 10 August 2012

This Week's Rural Five!

Hey everyone,
It's been a busy week for me. The conference is next week and my body didn't agree with my never-ending to-do list. I've been a little sick but finally, I'm well again. Now I just have to catch up...
Anyway, here is this weeks Rural Five. Five lines from page 73 in 'Deceive Me In Ireland'. It's been great finding these little snippets. They bring back memories of they day you wrote them.
Well, I hope you enjoy!

She hadn’t forgotten William. How could she? The man was as unnerving in person as he had been a week ago. He’d returned to Killarney with them but had parted with them to manage his own property, Ballymore. Cara had not seen him since. But despite his absence, he still entertained her thoughts just as much as he had when they’d been sleeping down the hall from each other.
What was it about William that made him so different?
Perhaps it’s that Irish charm of his…

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Two Weeks Until The RWA Conference!

This year I'll be attending my first RWA writing conference. I'm so excited and can't wait to make friends, learn some craft and pitch my manuscript to some editors!

Over the last week I've been groaning over my pitch. It just wasn't working for me. So I sent it to my fellow writers and thanks to their advice and help and a read over one of my old pitches, I had a lightbulb moment.

Ta-da! I now have my pitch. One less thing to worry about.

Though I will admit, I am already feeling nervous. I'm a talkative person, you might have guessed so much from my length post and my lenghty novels. But despite my ability to 'talk under water with marbles in my mouth', I like my lastest heroine, Cara Barrow, get nervous when meeting new people. Especially when something I love and have been working on for months is riding on what I say.

So guess who will be getting alot of practice in?

I've been hearing little snippets on what is being planned here and there. And gosh I'm excited. It is going to excellent!

Well, I'm off. I have a synopsis to write, some pitch prep to-do and a novel to finish!

Wish me luck!
And see you at the conference,