Who Is Whitney K-E?

Who is Whitney K-E?

 Hi, I'm Whitney! I was born and have lived in Australia all my life and although I have always lived in the city, I grew up with a passion for horses, dogs and rural life (I think it has something to do with my ancestors being dairy farmers...).
I've been writing for the last three years and have been reading romance since I was 13. I have explored a few sub-genres. I've written a paranormal and started a Historical, but my Rural/Contemporary series set in the Ireland are my current passion. There are four novels in the series and my debut novel, What Happens in Ireland is contracted with Secret Cravings Publishing. You can read more on the Whitney's Up and Coming Novels page.
I'm not quite sure where my love for everything and anything Irish came from, but I have a suspicion that I might owe it to some ancestor I don't know about. Have you guessed that I'm a redhead yet?
I like to think I have a good sense of humour and I hope this comes out most in the series of highly-embarrassing-and-humiliating scenarios I force my Aussie heroines to bear.
If you love wide-open spaces, handsome Irishmen who frequently use the charms they were born with and Aussie woman who dish out just as much as they are dished, you will definitely love my Irish series.
As a writer, you might call me OCD. I think of myself as highly dedicated. Writing is one of my strongest passions. The stories I create are adventures I can get lost in and escape the greater world. And when I'm astride a horse or surrounded by wide-open spaces, I feel the same.
Well, hope you've enjoyed reading a little about me and I hope to bring you some interesting posts that give you an insight into the life of an aspiring author or even help you craft your next novel.
Whitney K-E        

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