Monday, 21 May 2012

The Hard Yards... Day 22 of my 30 day challenge

Hey everyone!
Now you may have noticed my 30 day challenge has led me to blogging neglect. But not to worry, I'll be back soon and I've got some great things including some interviews with some lovely authors coming up.

Well, I've just hit the hard yards of my 30 day challenge. Yesterday, I hit the 20k mark. So I have 10k to go. And what a hard 10k it is.
I am now refining the refined. And honestly, it's killing me. But as an aspiring author, I know that this is a sacrafice I have to make. And hopefully, I'll be rewarded for it!
I'm trying not to doubt myself at the moment, but I'm telling you, its not easy.

But, I am determined and I'm a trooper.

I wish anyone else who is currently doing a challenge of their own, good luck or as the Irish would say: 'Ádh mór ort!'. Oh and if your anything like me, you've already collected a box of lucky charms, a shamrock pendant necklace included. :)

Will be back soon. Can't wait to share with you what I have planned for the future.

Whitney K-E :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My 30 Day Challenge

I've always wondered which publisher I should approach. Wondered which one would be looking for my novel. And it looks like I may have found them.
Just recently, I was informed that Lyrical Press was calling for Irish-themed novels to release next year for March (around Saint Patrick's Day). But, submitting isn't as easy as attaching my novel to an email and sending it away, as much as I would like it to be.
My novel is currently, 130 000 words. And Lyrical Press doesn't accept anything over 100 000.
So, I have a challenge. 30k in 30 days.
And that 30 days started yesterday...
May the 31st is the deadline. So far, so good. I'm managed to improve my work and I'm not feeling the loss. But I'm fearing that last 10k.
As you may know, my first draft for my novel was 170k. I cut it down to 130k for the Emerald award and now, I find myself needing to cull another 30. *bites lip*
I've heard of writers writing 50k in 30 days. Lets hope I can do 30k in 30 days.
I'll be sure to keep you all informed (you can find me on facebook at this link to see how I'm going:!/pages/Whitney-K-E-Aspiring-Romance-Writer/311522372250495 ) and I just want to wish any writer out there, who's currently battling a word count, good luck.

Wish me luck!