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  1. Whitney
    I just spent half an hour composing a stunningly beautiful invitation for you to write a chapter/scene in a crowd sourced novel I am editing and then, when sending it to you, I fell into password hell. If you did not receive my earlier message, please let me know and I will write again.

    Millard Johnson

  2. Trying again -- Whitney
    I am a writer in the US currently editing a crowd-sourced romance novel. Each of the 73 chapter/scenes in "The Heart Doctor" will be written by a different author. 27 authors have been recruited thus far from the US, Canada, England, France and Tanzania. I would love to feature romance writers from all of the English speaking world.

    I found you on goodreads groups rural Australian romance page and followed you to Amazon where I read the "look inside" of one of your books. You are clearly a way good writer - good enough to keep me reading long after I knew that I wanted to invite you to write a chapter in this book.

    I hope you will take the time to look at the novel page at where you will find the plot of the book and the bios of all of the characters.

    Should you agree to write a chapter of about 1000 words, I will send you the details of a chapter and you color in the lines. I can not pay authors, but you will receive a printed copy of the book, your name will be listed along with your contribution, and your bio with a link to your author page will be listed in the back. Perhaps this will boost your North American sales.

    I note that you are well connected to other romance writers and I hope you can bring this project to their attention.

    It is fun. Most writers who have written a chapter ask to write another but I would like to reserve one chapter to a writer.

    Thanks again for considering this project and I look forward to hearing your response to this invitation.

    Millard Johnson