Friday, 25 October 2013

As Long as the Coffee is Strong and the Whiskey Stronger...

Yes, I'm still alive and writing. Obviously, I haven't been blogging much other than my interviews as you may have noticed. This post was written a while ago, I just hadn't posted it.
Anywho! I've had a crazy couple of months! Exciting ones at that! I've been busy editing, submitting and yes, as some of you may have heard, signing! I've signed my second contract with Secret Cravings publishing! Deceive Me in Ireland will be released in ebook in January 2014 and between March and June in paperback. As you can imagine! I'm super excited!

And speaking of signing, look at what the postie delivered! I swear I just sat there looking at them, not wanting to touch them for fear of marking them. There's nothing quite like seeing your book in print!!

I was terrified to sign them. My handwriting is dreadful. I know kindergartens with better flourish than me hehe. But at last, I signed them all. :) Good practice for a signing event I am planning in January in Newcastle. But I'll tell you more about that in the future.

What Happens in Ireland has been doing fabulously! And since it's paperback release, it's been popping up around the world.
Here it is in Scotland, so close to the Emerald Isle:

And in Perth with its good friend, The Hostage...

And it joined me and a friend for dinner!

If you yourself have a copy, I'd love to see where it has ended up. :)

So, you may be wondering why I've titled my post "As Long as the Coffee is Strong and the Whiskey Stronger"? Well, I have some busy months ahead of me. This month, I will get my first round of edits for Deceive Me in Ireland (a blessing or a curse, who's to know), I will start my new job, sit my final exams for my Uni year and of course, try squeeze in some writing time (not as easy of late).

To be honest, I'll be waiting for December, as crazy as that sounds!

Other things for you to look out in the coming months is the launch of my new blog and website. I've decided to start over. This blog will still be at your fingertips if you ever feel like backtracking and there will be some re-blogs. :)

Well, this here is my update. A little rushed as I must run off to work, but I think it's about time I broke my blogging hiatus.

Happy Reading!


  1. YAY!! so exciting so glad its all going well for you with your paperback, I wish Jan would hurry up so I can read Deceive me in Ireland.

    Hugs, Kisses and all that.


  2. Whitney, I finally started reading (and finished in only a few days!) What Happens in Ireland - I LOVED it!! I definitely fell in love with Jack and Kate was a really strong character who I was glad to 'meet! The other characters, Jen & Tom were also great and very loveable!