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On The Window Seat wtith Lisa Swallow

Today, the Limitless Publishing author, Lisa Swallow joins me on the window seat! It’s a little dreary here today, but I’m sure having grown up in Europe yourself, Lisa, that you are used to such weather. Anywho! Welcome and thank you for keeping me company!

First things first, tell us five things about yourself as a person and as a writer (genre, hobbies, personality, are you a little on the quirky side?)

I write in the New Adult genre (paranormal and contemporary), I’m a gamer, I’m an introvert who avoids cameras at all costs, I’m originally from the UK and still find it strange when kangaroos hop down my street. One day, when I was writing Soul Ties, I was so engrossed I didn’t notice there was a bush fire heading my way. Not until emergency services knocked on the door an told me to evacuate.

And here I was thinking a career in writing wasn’t life threatening hehe. So when did you first start writing, Lisa? Was it just an unbridled urge to write or had it been a matter of ‘it’s now or never’?

I started aged nine when my poem was published in a local newspaper. By fourteen, I wrote my first book. This was a story of a vampire who fell in love with a girl at high school. Unfortunately I was a bit ahead of my time and it never got published!

Love hearing of people starting young! :) Is there a reason as to why you write? And what’s your favourite part about being a writer?

I write because I love creating characters and worlds to lose myself in, and have other people read and like those characters and worlds too. My favourite part about being a writer is when people tell me they enjoyed my book!

What inspires you? The novels you read? Other authors? Life itself?

Reading inspires me, especially well-crafted stories and characters. Or I might see something or hear something and think what a great idea for a story. My local writing group has been a huge inspiration for me too.

When did your writing dream become a published reality?

My first book was published July this year.

What was the hardest part of the publishing process for you?

Finding a publisher I felt I fitted with. I chose the e-publishing route.

 It’s so important to find a publisher you feel you can work with! Do you have any inspirational words for aspiring writers?

Write and read! I think all writers say this? Practice the craft, learn what other writers have to share and keep going.

I agree with you 100%! Now, could you pitch you current/upcoming release to us in ten words or less?

Because of Lucy their lives won’t be what they planned.

Lovely! So who is your favourite character in Because of Lucy?

Evan. He’s a real mix of personalities and I like them all!

What’s next for Lisa Swallow?

I also write paranormal romance and the second book in the Soul Ties series, Torn Souls, is due for release later this year. I’m also writing a sequel to Because of Lucy. I originally intended the book to be standalone because it has a happy ending, but readers want more Ness and Evan. And as they’re both nineteen, I doubt their story is over yet...

I wish you all the best with everything! Now for some fun!

Have you kissed the Blarney Stone, Lisa? If you haven’t does the thought of dangling over the edge of a medieval castle to kiss a saliva (and good knows what else) covered stone make your head spin?


You make it sounds so appealing! Maybe I’ll visit and leave the stone-kissing to others while I go and explore the local countryside (and pubs).

The estate surround Blarney Castle is beautiful. Even if it is bucketing down and the wind’s blowing you away. My characters in Deceive Me in Ireland visit Blarney. My heroine, Cara preferred to walk the ground too hehe.

Now for a question to appeal to our readers visually, but which Hollywood star would you choose to play your hero and heroine? And if not one, are they a mixture?

When writing Because of Lucy, I was also watching a lot of Supernatural so in my mind Evan began to look like Jared Padalecki (but not as tall). Ness is trickier because I don’t have anyone in mind. A lot of the Hollywood stars are too skinny - Ness has curves.

Now, for all writers, there’s something magical about creating a novel. What is your favourite part of creating a novel? Are you a Happily-Ever-After kind of writer, a cheeky black moment maker, or a first-sight-and-first-kiss kind of writer?

I’m a plot twist kind of writer! One of my ARC readers for Soul Ties said she got whiplash from all the twists and turns. I love when readers couldn’t see the twists coming and I hear their reactions. And in Because of Lucy, Lucy’s identity is secret until half way through the book. I’ve only had one person tell me they guessed who she was before she was revealed!

love twists as a reader - as long as they make sense within the plot they definitely keep you reading on.

That’s an answer I haven’t heard! Thanks so much Lisa for joining me. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Readers, if you’d like to get to know Lisa more you can contact her at the following links:


And if you like the sound of Because of Lucy, here’s a little more to tempt you!

"In life, there are some people you have to lose in order to find yourself."

Ness’s parents are shocked when she turns down her place at Leeds University and takes on a full-time job in a call center. Determined to begin her adult life the way she wants, Ness moves to Leeds to live with her best friend Abby.

One night she meets Evan, who is everything she hates about guys. He may be hot but he’s also drunken, arrogant, and on top of that, he apparently has sex with girls and forgets about it. But Evan isn't what he seems and Ness soon discovers they have more in common than she thought.

Evan is struggling to escape from his past too, and when Lucy appears she threatens his new relationship with Ness. Unsure if she can deal with the effect Lucy has on Evan, Ness makes a decision about her future which pulls them apart.

When their new lives don't go as planned, Ness and Evan are both faced with difficult choices. All because of Lucy. 

*Recommended 17+ due to strong language and sexual content*




  1. Great interview :D Always great to know what authors are thinking of when they write!