Friday, 12 October 2012

Wherever My Muse Takes Me

Well, it's been a big week. I've been sticking to my studies, but my muse is still chomping at that bit. So each night, when I can study no more, I let her have her head and clear my head of the three storylines I've got running up here.

It's funny, I've tried to avoid writing two books at once but this last week, I can't help myself.
Last night I started a new project and in a space of three hours managed to get 2k down and finish the first chapter. Tonight, I might return to 'Deceive Me in Ireland' but I think I'll let the muse decided. She seems to know where I should be going and as long as I'm working on something I don't see why I should pull back.

Writers, has this ever happened to you? Are you the type to have more than one project going at the same time? Or do you dedicate yourself to one manuscript at a time?

Well, I hope everyone has been having a good weekend,



  1. I always have at least one main WIP being written but several at revise and edit stage. As none are published I tend to drift around as the mood take me. I have a couple of partials I dabble with if the main one isn't progressing.

    1. Hey Fiona,
      With my first and second novel I was like that. While I edited the first, I wrote when I felt and it helped to break up the mind-numbing edits.

      Thanks for sharing :)