Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Muse is Trapped In a Gilted Cage

This week, if there is anything I have had trouble with, it has to be my Gilded Cage otherwise known as 'priorities'. Over the next month, I will be dedicating myself to my studies, which unfortunately means I must lock the Muse away.

And she's not happy.

Today, so far, I've had a number of new ideas jump into my head when really, I should be memorising a very tedious essay. But instead I've come up with three new scenes for three of my future WIP. The Muse is chomping at the bit and I'm almost tempted to let her free.

But I must refrain and hope that the notes I've written down are enough to wake her up again. And that I can make it though the next month without going completely insane.

Have a nice week everyone!
I hope your priorities aren't getting in the way of what you love,


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