Saturday, 29 September 2012

Another Week Come And Gone

Well, another week has passed and once again, it's been a busy one.

This week, myself and three other fantastic romance writers launched The Romantic Muse group blog. At The Romantic Muse you'll find a number of things to entertain you over the coming weeks including post on writing, interviews, a fantastic cover reveal and a number of short stories you can read in your coffee break.
So come on over! We'd love to see you all there.

As for my own blog, lext week I have Loretta Hill joining me and we will be talking about her current release, 'The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots' (which is amazing!) and how Loretta feels about the 'submissive female'.

On a more personal note, this week I've been all over the place and critters seem to be big this week.
My horse, better known as Mr Grumpy, has managed to score himself an interesting paddock mate. I'm not sure what to call her yet, but I'm shocked by the discovery that he seems to like her enough to share his feed. For all you horse owners out there, you must understand the magnitude of such an event. A greedy thoroughbred does not share his food with anybody!

I also had the pleasure of riding a camel this week. Some say its exactly like riding a horse. And I'm here to tell you it's not. If my horse were 23 hands tall I'd be needing more than an milk crate to get in the saddle. And thank God he's not nearly half as rocky.

To finish off this week's catch-up post, I have this week's Rural Five! Five lines from page 12 of 'What Happens in Ireland':

‘Aye, but there have been suspicions...’
Her cheeks warmed. ‘Suspicions?’
‘Well, we Irish lads suspect that they donna really come here for our fine horses but rather, for us fine lads.’
Kate’s heart skipped a beat when Jack winked at her.

Well, it's about time I returned to the study cave. Thanks for popping by this week!



  1. I LOVE camel rides, oh and races especially! Looks like Mr Grumpy's mate is a good sort, he can tell (-: Perhaps you should call her Ms Calm.

    1. Hahaha, she's not a very calm thing lol. I might have a competition. Get people to suggest names haha. At the moment, she's Houdini as we can't see how she broke into our paddock and she likes to disappear every now and again. :)
      Thanks Jessie for stopping by. :)