Thursday, 20 September 2012

Another Rural Five!

Well, the weekend is just beyond the horizon and tomorrow will no doubt be spent counting down the minutes to those two days. But for now, treat yourself to a few lines from 'Deceive Me in Ireland'. Cara and William are back on the road to their happy ending once again, my writing stalemate conquered at last.

So, here it is. An extract from page 78:

‘Ye know, I think I have a solution to yer problem,’ he said suddenly, his voice bringing her out of her thoughts.

Turning her head to look at him, Cara felt suspicion grow within her.

What’s he up to this time?

‘What? You goin’ to write my speech for me?’ she asked, her voice layered with sarcasm.

When William opened his eyes, his gaze crashing into hers, his smile widened. Cara spine stiffened.

Another thing for my readers to look out for is my up-and-coming interview with author, Loretta Hill who appeared on the blog last week on my Rural Panel. Loretta will be sharing a little about herself and her own experience as an author and an engineer just like her heroine, Lena.

Happy reading everyone!

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