Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another Week, Another Rural Five!

Well, it's almost the weekend. Just one more day to go.

I've been picking up some bad habits this week. Procrastination being all of them. But I've made a pact. It's time to get the words following. 'Deceive Me in Ireland' is only half finished and I can't leave my Heroine and Hero waiting forever. They need their Happily Ever After.

So starting tomorrow, I'm aiming for at least 500 words a day. I've got a lot on right now, but I think half my procrastination stems from the belief that I don't have time, when really, I've managed to watch the whole first season of Big Bang Theory.

I've got an interesting post on Rural Romance coming up, so be sure to check it out!

Which leaves me to the Rural Five. This week we have a snippet from page 99 of 'Deceive Me in Ireland.

Happy reading!

If there was one thing Cara had learnt about herself over the years it was that she wasn’t a psychic. She couldn’t predict the future. Hell, she could barely predict the weather.

Her current situation was no different. And despite how anxious it made her, a kiss was not a promise. William had deceived her once, perhaps he would again.


  1. Nice little snippet. I was wondering if Physic was meant to be psychic or is it a cute thing your heroine does?

  2. Oh Whoops lol. Better fix that lol. Thank you lol!