Thursday, 13 December 2012

When The Past Comes Knocking

This week, I've been struggling with my Muse, fighting just get some words down each night. My submissions are slow at the moment and I guess it's to be expected at this crazy time of year.
But just a day ago, I lovely piece of the past came knocking when I received a lovely email from a school friend of mine.

Years ago, I wrote a fanfiction for a paranormal series I love. Having finished the novel, I decided to send it off to a few friends. I hear a little feed back, but it was only until yesterday that I heard feedback on the whole story.

I'm going to say it was fate. I've been searching for a reader, someone who can give me an honest opinion from a readers perspective and not a writer's perspective. And yesterday, I found her.

Whilst my fanfiction is by far my most unedited and unrefined manuscript, my friend loved it. Not a reader of the genre herself, she was still intrigued by the story and unable to put it down. It was nice to hear the words of encouragement and it's given me the will to carry on and finish 'Fixing Fences' and continue submitting my Irish series.

I really do love writing and can't see myself giving up. But when times get dark, everyone has those thoughts. I guess we all need a little reminder of what we could achieve, a little encouragement and praise.

Well, I'm off to finish this novel. I my fellow writers out there are all doing the same.

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