Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A New Year!

Well, it's finally over. 2012 has come and gone and what a year it was. This year I've had my first conference, finished my second novel, started a third, started my blog, made so many valuable friends and despite not achieving all my goals, I'm happy with my accomplishments.

I still have yet to recieve my first contract, but as they say, 'good things come to those who wait'. Perfection and success take time. So this year, I'll be continuing my writing and my aspirations. No one ever said it would be easy and if it was, it might not be as fun without the challenge of pushing yourself to produce your very best.

Another thing I didn't accomplish was finishing Fixing Fences this month. But I'm not disappointed as much I can not wait to finish this novel and share it. You can't force the muse or the words. The words must come from the heart and I'm a believer in there being a place and time for everything, in fate. So I've set myself some more goals, keeping all of my old ones.

This year, I will finish Fixing Fences and plot my next two novel. I then plan to write the third novel in my Irish series and have one of my novels contracted. If I finish my series, I'll have even more to celebrate.

I think it's important to sit back and look back on the year. You shouldn't dwell on the pitfalls - though helpful some may be in the future - but focus on the positives. For me, it's what I've achieved so far and what I can achieve that keep me going. You need that constant motivation.

So look back on last year and think about all you have achieved. Whether it be finishing a new novel, achieving better feedback or something more personal, remember them and celebrate them.

Well, here's me wishing everyone all the best in the new year. I wish you all good health, success and inspiration.

Happy reading/writing!

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