Friday, 20 July 2012

Hotter Than Hades and The Rural Five

Well, this week, I've been showing off some of my work. And I'm not the only one.
At the great blog I joined, 'Hotter Than Hades', the girls and I are posting the results of our first writing challenge. We all were given a prompt, in this case we had to incorporate one woman, a man and a storm and turn it into something  entertaining for our readers. So pop on over and check them out. We'd love some feedback!

Another exciting activity I've been participating in is the 'Rural Five' on the Rural Romance Writers and Readers group on facebook. The group is continuing to grow and we've had some interestin discussions on colloquial terms and even how readers can best support their favourite writers. To give a little bit back to our readers, the authors and writers in our group will be posting five lines/sentences weekly from their current WIP's. So if you love teasers and want to keep up with your favourite author's next release, you might find a few snippets to make the waiting period a little more bearable.

We've had some great responses to this weeks 'Rural Five'. The hardest part is only post five line/sentences. And I'm sure our readers would agree.

This is what I posted from my current WIP 'Deceive Me In Ireland' this week:

‘Do you know how to perform CPR?’ she asked, not entirely in control of her tongue nor any other part of her anatomy.
For the first time since Cara had laid eyes on the husky-voiced Irishman, he actually looked shocked.
Patrick arched his brow at her. ‘C.P.R?’
‘Yeh huh.’ Cara nodded, her gaze shifting to her feet. Her fingernails dug embedding into the plush armrests at her sides.

Well, I've got to get back to writing. My current WIP, 'Deceive Me In Ireland' is cooming along well and I'm excited about pitching it at the conference.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!


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