Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Busy, Busy Week... And It's Only Thursday!

Hi everyone,
Well, I'm finally back into writing and working hard on both my WIP's one for I hope to get a contract for sometime soon and it's sequel to pitch at my first RWA conference. The week has been full on, I've been making some changes and I've even started up a new group on facebook.

When I first started taking my writing seriously I started looking for writers like me. What i discovered was that there was no Rural Romance groups to be found. So after talking with a few of my fellow writers, including the lovely women I've been interview over the last month, it was decided that today was the day.

So the Rural Romance Writers and Readers group was launched on facebook. It's a place where I welcome all reader and writers to join and  where you can  find out more about your favourite authors and perhaps even discover some new ones.

We'd all love it if you stopped by:!/groups/110981399045776/

Maybe you can help me pick out a profile picture? We've been thinking Hugh  Jackman would look nice, but to pick one is a struggle. :)

What do you think? Does he make the cut? ;)

Last night was also a very exciting night. I won 19 ebooks from Crooked Cat Publishing. I can't wait to read them, though I fear with my future schedule, they might have to wait till after the RWA conference.

Well, it's been a busy start to the week and I think it's time I returned to editing. I'll have my fingers crossed for the next few weeks in the hopes that I recieve some good news soon and I'll continue you to type frantically.


Whitney :)

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