Monday, 16 April 2012

The Voice

Now, I've been hooked. The new TV show 'The Voice' is hypnotising. Such amazing singers.
You might ask why I'm writing about singers on a writing blog? Well, I considers singers and writers of all genres and content, artists.
I'm inspired by a great deal of things, one of them being, amazing singers who sing beautiful lyrics.
Now there is a purpose for this post and that is to show a very solid connection between singers and writers. Now you may have been like me and many others I have already spoken to, and have been sitting in from of the TV (sometimes standing and screaming) for the entire show. And like me, you might have wondered, 'What the F*#$%! Why didn't they turn around ?' (Please excuse the french, but I'm not going to lie, that was my reaction).
Now, my Nan just messaged me asking the very same. She said she didn't understand. But you see as a writer, aspiring, unpublished and yet to make her first submission, I knew exactly why those judges didn't turn around.
And I'm going to put it into perspective for all you writers if you haven't already figured it out.
Think of those judges as editors. Think of those singers as writers submitting, pitching their works to the judges who know nothing about them.
Editors read your submission and they sit there and they think, 'I love them... But are they for me?'
That is exactly what those judges are thinking. They are asking themselves if that person, that person with an amazing talent is suited to THEM. Can that judge take that contestant to the top?
When you submit your novel you might not get rejected because they don't like your style, your voice or you story. They might actually love those things about your writing. Truth is, in the end it comes down to the individual reading your manuscript. They can LOVE your book, but they might not be able to help you.
Publishing is a business. They aren't going to accept every amazing Tom, Dick and Harry. They are going to pick stories that suit their lines, readers and most importantly, their purpose.
So think about that next time. Don't lose faith in yourself no matter how many rejections you get. Harry Potter was rejected 17 times and Gone with the Wind nearly twice that.
Yet, look at those two books now. International best sellers, household names.You don't have to have read Gone with the Wind to know about it.

Well, I hope this has been an encouraging and interesting post. Feel free to leave a message and share your thoughts. Theres nothing I love more than feedback. :)

Whitney K-E


  1. Great post Whitney. I couldn't agree more.It's the individual.I had a novel that almost made the traditional publisher but it didn't pass the marketing team.They didn't know where it would sit on the shelf-romance or thriller. I am yet to find another trad pub who will love it just as much as the last editor.

    1. Thank you for commenting Suzanne. :) I glad you enjoyed it. Wow, that's horrible. What do you write? Have you ever considered self-publishing?
      I wish you all the best for the future.

  2. Hi Whitney
    yes, I have considered self pub,but not until I have exhausted all avenues. I also like watching the voice. Tad bit hooked as well. Lol :)

    1. It's very addictive. I have been forcing myself to keep the TV off while I'm writing. As much as music is an inspiration to me, The Voice is too much of a distraction haha. :)
      Thanks again, for commenting Suzanne.