Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twenty-Four hours and I'm re-addicted...

There's a lot of debate about the  pro's and con's of writer's building a platform through social networking. One of the biggest ones for me has got to be my addiction to it.
Just recently I re-established my facebook presence and for the next day, I was hardly off it. I haven't edited, nor have I written.
It's awful really. I want nothing more than to write, but Facebook has other plans for me.
And I know I'm not the only one. It happens to a lot of people.
You see school kids on their phones all the time and if you ask them, nine times out of ten, their probably on facebook talking to the friend they just said goodbye to.
Yes, Facebook, Twitter, BLOGGING and Goodreads are great ways to build up your audience, to gain readers. But please, don't  let it distract you from what really matters: The book YOUR readers are waiting for.
So, in order to break my addiction, I've devised a plan. And you might like to do the same.

Number One: Two birds with one stone:
Set goals! Set a word goal. It might be 500 words a day or 5000 a week! And make time for it. Not only will you be inclined to finish that manuscript, but I'm hoping it'll keep you from clicking that 'like' button on all your friend statuses. :)

Number Two: Get a watch:
Set yourself some limits. Block out a period of time during your day that you dedicate to social networking. Your writer's platform is important. Don't neglect it either.

Number Three: Save some money!
If you're like me, the second that modem clunks out, its hard to find the effort to get out of that comfy chair and turn it back on. So why not try it? Turn it off. Say goodbye to the Mr. Green Light. And if that doesn't stop you... It's time to play Hide and Seek.

Number Four: Hide and Seek.
If your living with someone, be they friend, sister or hubby, get them to help you. Once you social time is over, hand over the modem. That's right, give them the modem. And get them to hide it.
Now I haven't tried it with the modem yet, but I'm telling you, it works for everything else.
Your social network is an addiction. So treat it like one.

Number Five: Cut down!
If your really someone who struggles, perhaps a change of plan is your only hope. And I mean your Internet plan. Contact your server and get them to cut down your usuage. Limit yourself. That way, if you get a little Facebook crazy, your won't be able to go on for the rest of the month. It's like being grounded.
You didn't stick to your plan. You did want you shouldn't have. And now it's been taken away.
I'm on a phone plan and my internet usage is very limited. So I make it stretch. And if I go over, I'm punished with a bill.
And  hey, I haven't had a bill yet!

And finally: Stick to it!
Discipline is the key. Exercise that willpower. And please, don't go on Facebook as a reward...You're just asking for trouble there :)

Well I hope this helps someone! And I'll be sure to let you know if it helps me.

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