Saturday, 17 March 2012

When the time is WRITE - Is it your time?

I've meet very few author's in my career so far and if there's one thing I've noticed it's this. Age.
Many have been writing for years, others decades and some only a few months. And what is often discussed is, why have you chosen now to start writing?
I am very fortunate in that I seem to have the time and the mind to write at this early stage in my life, busy though it is. Others I have met however, have had aspirations to write for decades and yet, they have only recently, in the middle of their life, began to fulfill those aspirations.
I have a twin sister, who of course, is the same age as me (I'm honest when I say I have had to emphasis this to a handful of people in the past) and she too has aspirations to write.
As a teen, she had a poem published by Random House, but since, has not written a thing. And she worries. But I don't think she should. If there's one thing she lacks at the moment, if there's one thing holding her back, it is her lack of obssession.
You have to be obssessed to write a novel. You need to go one step further than being comitted. Set yourself goals and endeavour to met them or beat them. And then reward yourself.
Just last night I said with gritted teeth, 'I've lost it. I can't write'. But I pushed through it, forced myself to continue and Ta-Da! in an hour I'd achived my goal and started on the next.
But the whole point of this post is to say this:
Don't set those goals if the time isn't 'Write'. Don't give up, keep planning, but until you're ready and you have that story up there in your head, ready to go and you know those characters like the back of your hand, leave the pen and paper.
It's like growing up. You've got to go through stages. Things have to happen.
And never give up. Wether your writing now, or you're planning to, don't ever give up.
But if your stuggling, perhaps your time is yet to come. Find your passion, find your voice and then, write the bestseller.

Well, I hope this has help some people and if not, given you some food for thought.
Wishing everyone the best this year in their writing careers!

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