Thursday, 22 August 2013

On The Window Seat With Louise Reynolds!

Destiny Romance author, Louise Reynolds joins me in Ireland today for a nip of baileys and a nice chat! Welcome Louise!

Now, as always, I'll get you to start by telling us five things about yourself as a person and as a writer?

Contemporary romance author with a passion for cooking, reading and fine wine. Outgoing and just a little crazy.

The best are a little different if you ask me hehe.
So when did you first start writing? Was it just an unbridled urge to write or had it been a matter of ‘it’s now or never’?

I started in 2006 when I did a CAE writing course and met the wonderful Anne Gracie. It was pretty much a feeling of ‘now’s exactly the right time’.

Is there a reason as to why you write? And what’s your favourite part about being a writer?

I’m not a driven writer. But I do have stories in my head that I like to see on the page. It’s the challenge of seeing how well I can capture those characters. And of course the satisfaction of having books out there J

What inspires you? The novels you read? Other authors? Life itself?

Life inspires me most. The people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had myself. It’s amazing how they all come together in a story; a strand from here, a strand from there.

The perfect ingredients for a believable character.
When did your writing dream become a published reality?

I got the call in September 2012 and my first book, Her Italian Aristocrat, was published by Destiny Romance in November 2012.

 I know the one! How fantastic for you :)
What was the hardest part of the publishing process for you?

It wasn’t so much the publishing side. But I had to get my website and social media together in a hurry. I’d heard people say, get it all lined up before publication but did I listen?

Haha, the cyberworld can be challenging at times. Especially when it comes to getting your name out there and noticed. :)
Do you have any inspirational words for aspiring writers?

Know why you’re doing it, what you want out of it. Don’t measure yourself against other writers.

Wise words :)
Can you pitch you current/upcoming release to us in ten words or less?

City/outback reunion story.

      Who is your favourite character in Outback Bride?

It would have to be Jake, my hero. He’s a man who’s had it all and turned his back on the bright lights to return to a life he’s learned to love in the Outback. I’m still crushing on him.

Legal star Lara Burke has worked hard to escape her country past and is finally on the way to being made a partner at her city law firm. At the worst possible time, her former flame Jake Forester arrives, bringing tragic news from home.
Forced to return to her family property, Jindaburra, Lara must confront her past at the home she loved and lost. But big-sky country and bittersweet memories are not all that await her at Jindaburra.
As Lara's past and present collide, old passions are rekindled and new connections are formed. And as her visit comes to an end, how will Lara choose between the city life she's grown to love, and the life she left behind?

So what’s next for Louise Reynolds?

Right now I’m writing a story that starts in the Outback and then heads to the UK. It’s a light, contemporary romance.

Ooo! Across the ocean like me. I'm backtracking home at the moment with my stories. Can't wait to hear more, Louise! :)
So, have you kissed the Blarney Stone? If you haven’t does the thought of dangling over the edge of a medieval castle to kiss a saliva (and good knows what else) covered stone make your head spin?

I have indeed. As a woman whose father has 52 first cousins and more Irish in her than a bottle of Baileys, I consider it essential on a trip to Ireland.

Couldn't agree more!
If you were about to encounter the rakish charms of an Irishman, what would you arm yourself with?

I’m not sure that I’d bother arming up. I’m his J

Well, that's the end of our chat for today. It's been a pleasure sharing this chat over a nip of baileys :) I hope my readers have enjoyed meeting Louise. If you'd like to get to know her better, you can find her at the following places:

And if you'd like to meet Louise's city-turned-country boy, Jake, you can find Outback Bride at the following places:

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