Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Dog Named Jack!

I've had quite some luck when it comes to running into my characters as you may have read in 'My Secret Life with Rachael Johns'. I've met H.A.M. the sassy black cat, a few of my horsie creations and even some of my loveable secondary character like, Jen the stablehand. And I thought that would be my last encounter of a fictional-become-real kind. But just recently I found another.

Meet Nitro! A green-eyed Kelpie. And the real-life embodiment of my fictional Kelpie, Jack. Isn't he adorable? I've already warned his owners that if he goes missing, they'd be best to look at my house first. :P

Nitro isn't the spitting image of my Jack. Whilst he is a brown and tan Kelpie, Jack was black and tan. But I couldn't get past those eyes! I had to share my findings with the fans of What Happens in Ireland.

And I also want to share an excerpt where Jack the Kelpie plays a part:


Resting her forehead on her knees, Kate fought to regain her composure. It wasn’t until she felt something wet against her toe that she looked up.
Crouched at her feet was a black and tan kelpie pup, its startling green eyes trained on her expectantly. Reaching out a hand, Kate scratched the dog behind its velvety ear, a sad smile forcing the corners of her lips up. The pup leaned into her touch, its tongue flopping out, the brush of his breath warm against her skin.
She hadn’t intended to buy the pup. It sort of just happened.
The second she’d seen the green-eyed pup looking up at her from amongst the litter, her chest had swelled. It hadn’t taken her long to realize she wasn’t leaving the house without it.
And so she’d bought ‘Jack’.
She didn’t know what had possessed her to call the frisky pup ‘Jack’. It wasn’t like she needed a reminder of the man. But, she had. Maybe it’d been the pup’s playful nature. Or perhaps its vivid green eyes. She didn’t know and didn’t care.


Well, I hope my readers have enjoyed my little snippet and my tale. :) Happy reading!


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