Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Irish 'Look' - The SCP Contemporary Romance Blog Hop

As a part of my release blog tour for What Happens in Ireland, and as a part of my participation in the SCP Contemporary Romance Blog Tour, I've decided to talk about what I call, the Irish 'look'.

Now, some of you (I hope most of you) will currently be reading my debut and know that Kate was not expecting Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome, but rather, was under the impression that all Irish people were 'leprechaun-like'. Well, they're not, but admittedly, my twin sister and I (standing at 5'4) thought we would finally be able to see eye-to-eye with everyone we encountered.

What a misconception...

So I'm here to bust the myth for you. :)

From what I saw, in Dublin (as I remember the people most there), the Irish are (generally speaking) tall. Really tall (or maybe they were the only people I noticed). So don't travel to Ireland under the impression you will be the tallest one there haha.

Another characteristic I notice (and truly, I could not get over it) was that Irish men, tend to have this look. Now, this is not a look they develop when they open their mouths hehe, but in Dublin as we walked around, we were amazed by the number of men who possessed this 'look'.

Now firstly, not all of them possess this look (if they did, they might just be known as the most attractive country in the world), but wherever my sister and I went, we noticed men who resembled some actors who had either played Irishmen or were actually Irish!

So let me introduce you to the three 'ingredients' to the Irish look:

 Mr. Collin Farrell (of course hehe)

Gerard Butler (Mr. Irish in 'P.S. I Love You')

And Matthew Goode (who played Declan from 'Leap Year')

It was as if these men were the main ingredients to a cocktail which made up the Irish 'look'. And as a result, there were few female travelers I met that did not agree with me when I said, a majority of Irishmen were attractive.

So there you have it. The Irish 'look'!
If you had a choice of designing your own Irishman, who would you use as your inspiration? Leave your answer below and you get one entry into my blog tour giveaway. :) I have two prize packs to giveaway, including a copy of my novel on ebook, a coffee mug and a ribbon bookmark designed for my release by Swagmaster designs. The winners will be drawn on the 24th of May. :)


  1. My Irish man would look like Pierce Brosnen or Cillian Murphy. I go for the darker haired man.

  2. Hey you can reach me at!

    1. Hi Karen! :) Ah yes, Mr. Dark and Handsome. That is definitely my Jack.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. number 1 is Colin Farrel but number two would be Jonathan Rhys Meyers mmm mmmm email is

  4. WAIT I change my mind I pick Jamie Dornan - he played the sherif in once apon a time ;)

    BTW I am moving to Ireland xx

    1. He's dreamy, Ange. Haha, I think they are all divine to be honest lol. I can't pick!

  5. Liam Neeson! Tall and definately smoothly Irish!

    hugs manda x

    1. Oh, yes! I love Liam Neeson too. Thanks for commenting Manda x

  6. Oh, I like the way you describe the Irish men ... unfortunately I seem to have been at the wrong places in Dublin ... they didn't look anything like the guys above ;-) More like Bono or Conon O'Brien.
    I liked Irish man Nicky Byrne for a long time ;-)
    PS - Cant wait to start reading your book :-D