Monday, 27 May 2013

Competition time!

Well, the What Happens in Ireland blog tour has been a huge success and my winners has been selected!

Congratulations to Meghan Mack and Josette Schaber who won my giveaways! :) They'll be heading your way soon.

Now, the excitement of the blog tour might be over now, but not to worry. I have a new competition for you all! What Happens in Ireland has been doing great on amazon and last week, a dear reader sent me in a picture of my debut on their shelf. So here's my new competition!

I want to see What Happens in Ireland on your shelf! I'll draw the winner on the Sunday the 19th of June! :) All you have to do is post the photo on my author page or tag my author page in the photo. You can also tag me on twitter!

You can find my author page here:

And find me on twitter here:

Now to the prize. I'm giving away a $10 amazon gift card and one of my gorgeous ribbon bookmarks to one of my lucky readers :)

And, just to mix things up a bit, if you share  the following link and tag my author page or twitter in it, you'll score yourself another entry:

"Do you know what happened in Ireland? 'Unashamedly romantic and sentimental in parts, hot and steamy in others...' "

Can't wait to see all your photos! Good luck! :)

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