Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Time To Fly!

Well, at present I am sitting down to a much needed cuppa. I've been running around the last week with a lot on my plate. And have had no time to write! But finally, its Bon Voyage to the real world and Hello! to the wonderful world of being a writer.

I'll be pitching for the first time this weekend (fingercrossed I bring home some good news) and I will finally get to meet all the wonderful friends I've met over the last year.

I tell you what, packing your bags is not as easy as it sounds.Trying fitting the entire Desperate Duchesses series alongside Rachael Treasure's Stockman, four pairs of heels, boots and yes, I've decided to throw in some clothes as well. :) Yes, I know it seems impossible. And when you're only taking carry-on, it is. Sadly, only two books in my bag.

Anywho! For those who are going, can't wait to see you! For those who aren't, I wish you were going. And for those going to Claytons, have a ball!


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