Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Week Just Gone And Those to Come...

Hey Everyone,
Well my 30k challenge is over and guess what? I did it. 'What Happens In Ireland...' is ready for submission.
I learnt a great deal of skills from this challenge. I learnt to refine my work and I also learnt time management. All in all, it was a success.

So now for some good news. I pitched for the first time to Entangled publishing last week. I was expecting to be accepted (as this was just a practice pitch for the conference) but it turns out, my pitching skills worked some magic.

So at present my work is sitting in front of two editors! Fingers crossed we get some good new in the weeks/months to come.

So a little bit of encouragement for all you fantastic writers out there: If an opportunity arises, go for it. You might just get lucky :)

Moving on to the weeks to come, I've got some exciting stuff coming up for you on this blog. I'll be hosting an interview with Rachael John, a wonderful rural romance writer, and have some more interviews lined up with some fellow rural writers.

So keep an eye on this blog and if you have any request, send them in.

Happy writing/reading everyone! Here's me hoping you've had a successful week. :)

Whitney K-E
Aspiring Romance writer playing the waiting game. :)


  1. Hey Whitney,

    Fingers crossed for you. Then you can bump that "Aspiring" to just Author Whitney K- E.


    1. Thanks, Effie.
      I know! Its hard not to be excited. The big thing is, I have finally jumped in and taken another step on the rocky road to publication.
      Thanks for stopping by. Do you have a blog? I'll follow. :)

  2. Congrats on the successful pitches, Whitney.

  3. Thanks, Coleen! I am very happy. Regardless of the outcome I'm very happy about taking the next step. Thanks for dropping by! :)